Astha Thakkar
Graphic designer+Educator+Design-researcher

Wedding Card-Ashtamangala

Ashtamangala are eight auspicious symbols frequently represented on ritual objects in Hindu mythology. These objects are emblems of success, wealth and good fortune. This image shows a minimalist card that still keeps it elegant. Indian weddings and the wedding cards are ornate and lavish. This wedding was different and so is the wedding card. It is a marriage of two cultures the Jains and the Sikhs. Since the wedding was to take place in the beautiful city of Jalandhar in a Gurudwara, I was inspired to create an invitation that resonated with the Sikh and Jain culture and yet was modern and progressive. Bearing ornamental motifs of the sikh architecture found in gurdwaras, this invitation is strictly for a couple who loves to have fun but is still very rooted in their traditions.

Freelance project.

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